Terms and conditions of use

Terms of delivery

You can pay your purchases by using the eBanking services provided by your own bank, Collector, Everyday or Jousto lasku or instalment service by using a credit card (VISA/Eurocard/MasterCard).

You can also pay via telephone subscriber connection or use advance payment. When paying via telephone subscriber connection the price amount of the product is collected in the customer’s telephone bill and when paying with the advance payment the customer gets an advance bill to print.


Methods of delivery: postal service or collection from the store

We deliver within Finland via the National Postal Service. You can also choose to collect the products from the museum store as a method of delivery, when you can collect your purchase from the store of Werstas without any postage.

In case the order includes several products with differing delivery time, the products are delivered based on the longest delivery time. If you want one of the products to be delivered faster, you can contact our customer service.


Delivery time

All of the ordered products we have in stock are delivered during 1 to 2 working days since the order has been placed, so the customer gets the products typically within 3 to 4 days from placing the order. If the delivery is delayed we inform the customer about it via e-mail.


Dispatching costs

Dispatching costs in Finland are 6,50€ when ordered to a Posti’s service point. When collected from the museum’s store there’s no dispatching cost added.


Damaged goods

If you notice some form of damage in the package before opening it, let it be known already in the post office. If you have opened the package before noticing the damage or fault in the product, contact our customer service as soon as possible.

Flawed or damaged while shipping product should be informed to our customer service as soon as possible, at latest 24 hours after receiving the package. We compensate the flawed or damaged product primarily with a new comparable product. If that is not possible, the customer is compensated with the whole amount of money they have paid.


The flaw of the product or the damage it has taken ought to be determined and documented in an adequate way (for example by taking a picture or writing a specific narration of the damage). The flawed or damaged product should be sent back to the seller for inspection. We don’t deliver a new comparable product or compensate the money paid by the customer before we have authenticated the flaw or damage.


Ordering via telephone or e-mail

You can always place your order also by calling or e-mailing our customer service. The customer service is reached by phone from number 010 420 9220 or send an e-mail to: kauppa@tyovaenmuseo.fi

Telephone and e-mail orders are paid by advanced account transfers.


Order confirmation

You always get a confirmation of your order to your e-mail. In case you don’t receive an order confirmation, contact our customer service.


Ordering abroad

We deliver products to many countries. If you want to order products to a country other than Finland, please contact our customer service.


Returning and exchanging products

You can return or exchange your purchase within 14 days from receiving the product. The products should be packed with care in the original packaging. Include your contact information and bank account number as an attachment. We pay the postage of the return or exchange.

If you want to return a product or exchange a product do contact our customer service first via telephone or e-mail. 

Payment methods

eBanking: You can pay via eBanking services of the following banks: Nordea, Osuuspankki, Tapiola, Danske Bank, Aktia, Nooa, SP/POP, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken and S-Pankki.


Credit card payment: You can pay your purchases with VISA credit and Mastercard credit.


Telephone subscriber connection: When using telephone subscriber connection the cost of the purchases is collected in the customer’s telephone bill. The paying is done by calling to the payment phone number the customer receives when ordering.


Advance payment: When using advance payment the customer receives an advance bill to print. The products are delivered to the customer when the payment can be seen on our bank account, this takes depending on the customer’s bank 2-3 working days.


Collector: Collector’s Lasku and Osamaksu services offer the customer shopping money in the web shop up to 2000€. When the customer pays with Collector they always get an automatic 45 days long interest-free credit. The present month’s purchases are paid at the last day of the next calendar motnh, so the credit can be up to 60 days, but always at least 30 days. If the customer wants, they can pay their shopping in instalments during 48 months. Additional information:


Everyday: Everyday online payment service is meant for Finnish private persons over 18 years old and for shopping of 2000€ as the maximum. The customer gets approximately 45 days of interest-free credit. Additional information:


Jousto: Jousto is a Finnish payment service, that allows the customer to pay web shop purchases flexibly, quickly and safely. When paying with Jousto the customer always gets 14 days of interest-free credit. With Jousto one can also pay in instalments during 1-12 months’ payback period.